Passion for the kitchen.

This is what you will find in our restaurant. Our essence and the engine of our day to day. Because as in life, we attempt to cook with passion.


The same passion that we put in the kitchen, we apply to our service and presentation. Therefore, our lounge will make you feel comfortable in a cozy atmosphere without neglecting the details of a good table.

Everything is carefully arranged for your visit to have an indelible memory. The lighting, the decoration, the crockery and even the last detail that you find in our restaurant is designed for you to live a gastronomic experience that awakens all your senses.


We are in the central square of Los Fueros; the hall of the city bathed by the River Ega. From here you can start on foot any route to discover the artistic and native treasures of our town.

For your peace of mind and privacy we are located on a first floor which is accessed directly from the portals of the square. We have an elevator to the entrance of the restaurant and easy access for people with reduced mobility.


Halfway between Pamplona and Logroño, Estella is a monumental city born in the heat of the Camino de Santiago.

In the fifteenth century it was known as "Estella la bella" and today it continues to honor this adjective: it is a Romanesque city that treasures palaces, churches, convents, bridges and beautiful buildings that have given it the nickname of " the Toledo of the north ".

The city, with 14,000 inhabitants, will surprise you due to its lively commercial activity and its market on Thursdays, the taste for music and theatre, and a careful gastronomy.

Restaurant meal times

Monday to sunday. Meals.
Friday and saturday. Meals and dinners.
Tuesday closed.


Make your reservation by calling
948 55 00 32.


Only for inquires. Reservations, confirmations or cancellations, by phone.

The dishes

A base of fresh and seasonal products, several drops of care, a point of delicateness and large doses of passion. All this accompanied by a careful service.

This is our secret; our star recipe with which we give all our dishes. And with it we want to surprise you by making known the best of our land.

We have a rich and varied garden where vegetables reach excellence and legumes spoon star tasty dishes. The meats have an added value in our area, such as lamb and veal from Navarra, and we cannot overlook the Gorrin of Tierra Estella, our specialty. The proximity to the Cantabrian sea gives us the best and most delicate fish. A sweet and balanced farewell with exquisite and elaborate desserts.

Fixed menu

Daily menu

In addition to the fixed menu, in our restaurant in Estella you can enjoy rich menus with various dishes to choose from that will reveal the haute cuisine brought to the most traditional dishes.


With the weekday menu your satisfaction is assured.

We elaborate it, always, with fresh and seasonal products, to guarantee your best moments. It combines balanced and healthy dishes, with textures and elaborations of haute cuisine that will surprise you.

To choose from: five startes, four main courses and several desserts. Every day with variations but with balance and always thinking about health and gastronomic enjoyment.

Weekend menu

The menu of the day, with extra doses of passion.

On your days off, we want our kitchen to take you to glory, to make you truly enjoy your holiday. And our philosophy you already know; we bet on fresh and seasonal products cooked with passion.

To choose from: five starters, four main courses and several desserts. Our specialty will not be out: Tierra Estella's Gorrin.


For celebrations or special moments to share with your family, friends or colleagues, we put ourselves at your disposal with the preparation of personalized menus.

With our experience of more than 20 years, we will advise you on the choice of dishes to set a balanced menu, exquisite to the palate and with which to leave the best taste in your mouth.


No woman/man can be wise on an empty stomach.
George Eliot


Informative website. For reservations and cancellations call by phone..

Reservation phone

948 55 00 32

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